Whisky Bar

Lucky Bull Where to taste Japanese Whiskey and Cuban Cigars after skiing? We invite you to be secluded from the noisy companies and everyday buzz in the Whiskey Bar.

A wide assortment of whiskey, cocktails, snacks, cigars

The main feature of this location is a carefully selected elite alcohol, selection of whiskey, signature and twist alcoholic cocktails. Light one-bite appetizers, gathered from different parts of the world, will perfectly complement drinks. At leisurely conversations guests enjoying fragrant cigars.

Temporarily closed

+38 (‎067) 350 11 88


Whisky and cigars

Of course, in the alcoholic map we assembled single malt and blended malt whiskey of Scotland and Ireland. We add Tennessee whiskey, bourbon and rye whiskey. Select Canadian, Japanese, Indian and even Taiwanese varieties of this noble drink. In the menu you will also find varieties of brandy: cognac, armagnac, calvados, try grappa or pisco. To save the traditions of smoking cigars, we create a special atmosphere in the bar.

Aperol Spritz

Italian aperatif, a light alcoholic drink with a sweet and sour taste

Coffee with liqueur

The taste of coffee can be made more interesting if you add a little liquor to it


A noble alcoholic drink that is appreciated all over the world

Whisky Bar, central part of TR “Bukovel”, residential area #1, VIP Residence hotel.