Rebra BBQ

RebraBBQ logo Rebra BBQ – democratic meat BBQ restaurant in casual food format.

Beef brisket, baby back ribs, turkey fillet, chicken wings and chicken

Rebra BBQ restaurant is located near the lower station of the lift №5. Our chefs learned how to smoke meat in the Southside Market restaurant’s kitchen in the capital of Texas BBQ culture – Elgin Town and present a delicious novelty to Bukovel guests.

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Legendary Texas BBQ hits

Because of Low & Slow technology of cooking, beef brisket obtains the incredible taste. It is slowly smoked for 18 hours at a temperature of 100 degrees in our own Texas smokery. We add only 3 spices to the meat – black pepper, salt and a bit of cayenne pepper. We bake our own bread and buns for burgers, following the quality example of American restaurant chain Shake & Shack. We were the first, who bring to Ukraine the unique wood-burning J&R smoker. Thanks to advanced technology, we can receive fresh smoked meat every morning and maintain a constant temperature of the product.

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Hot smoked salmon

Classic boneless beef steak from the rib section, especially juicy and flavorful

beef briscet

Beef brisket

Legendary Texas hit – smoked beef brisket

pulled pork burger

Pulled pork burger

Burger with juicy smoked pulled pork stuff

Restaurant Rebra BBQ, TR Bukovel (lower station of lift №5, Polyanitsa village, Ivano-Frankivsk region.)