Mangalicа чорне 4

Invite to Hungarian-Ukrainian restaurant MANGALICA to taste traditional Carpathian dishes and game!

Bograch, gurka, wild boar meat deruny, hombovtsi

We diluted the monopoly of borsch and banosh with tasty Hungarian and West Carpathian cuisine and game dishes, therefore, the MANGALICA restaurant, named after the extraordinary Hungarian breed of pigs, was presented to the Yaremche residents and guests of the city.

+38 067 350 66 88



Open from 8 A.M till 10:00 Р.M

Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisine

By exploring the traditional Ukrainian cuisine, we became deeper into the recipes of the rich and tasty cuisine of the Carpathians, and gastronomic ways brought us beyond Ukraine. Now we invite you to travel in spicy and fragrant Hungarian cuisine. Everything that is used in Carpathian forests, local berries and mushrooms, we combine traditional Hungarian and Ukrainian recipes in the menu of our restaurant. We wish you a pleasant meal!

street Petrasha, 62, Yaremche city, Ivano-Frankivsk region.