The gastronomic tour along Bukovel demands for passing through Filvarok!

This modern restaurant presents Ukrainian traditional cuisine.

Ukrainian cuisine, dishes cooked over an open fire.

Filvarok has 5 locations in different parts of the Bukovel: Filvarok №1 is in the upper living residence of the Bukovel Hotel Complex, Filvarok № 2, 5 and 11 are near the upper lift stations № 2R, 5 and 11 respectively, and Filvarok № 12 is next to the lower lift station №12.

Temporarily closed

Filvarok №2

The restaurant works from 9 am till 8 pm

+38 (067) 350 66 77 – call the manager to book a table

+38 (067) 350 34 44, [email protected] — to order banquets, group dinners call the event manager.

@FilvarokBukovel  — follow the news on our Facebook page.

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Cuisine of the Ukrainian Carpathians: colorful and appetizing.

The restaurant menu combines the most fragrant and hearty dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Enjoy lunch with Hutsul banosh with cheese, dumplings or hashbrown potatoes, Transcarpathian bograch and Gurka. All these tasty dishes go perfectly with horseradish vodka, infused with horseradish roots and honey. Come up and visit us soon!

вареники з кабаном

Wild boar dumplings.

Traditional Ukrainian dish with wild boar meat.


Borsch with ruddy pampushkas and garlic.

Famous Ukrainian soup based on beetroots and aromatic pork.


Ukrainian Banosh cooked in cream.

Carpathian dish made from corn flour cooked in cream, served with cracklings and brynza.

Filvarok, ТR Bukovel, Polyanitsya Village, Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Filvarok №1 (at the upper residence of hotel complex of Bukovel); № 2, 5, 12, 11 (near stations № 2R, 5, 12, 11).